Todd Reed, Sunday 19 July 2020 - 07:10:20

 2020  Schedule 
Big Money OPEN 2-Person BUDDY Tournaments

***July 18: Lake Belva Deer***
23 Teams participated, 5 places and Big Baass were paid out
 Top 10 Results:
1Gatton/Hudnut 15.65 
2 Garmon/Bushong13.81 
3 Garrett/McKay12.77 
4 Kirkland/Kirkland12.74 
5 Cook/Varo12.68 
6 Hearn/Mareit12.29 
7 Peebler/Peebler11.78 
8 Bellendier/Hewitt10.70 
9 Vega/Alberts10.70 
10 Taylor/Baird10.58 
Big Bass was caught by Gatton/Hudnut: 5.15#
$200 entry per boat/ Limited to 25 Boats
No membership
2-Person Buddy events
OVER  85%  Payout
Pay the top 4 teams at full event
Tournament organizers/staff may or may not fish the series
5 Bass limit, 14-inch length limit
Launch number is determined by when money is recieved
Must Pre-register via mail-in check by July 15th or PayPal by beginning of tournament. Send PayPal using Friend/Family option to:  sales©
Tournament hours are 6:00am to 2:00pm

PRINT WAIVER FORM: sign and send in with your entry fee.

Sample Payout with 25 Boats:
1st= $2,000 + Trophy Cups
2nd= $1,000
3rd= $700
4th= $400
Big Bass= $100

2021 SERIES FORMAT: ***To be announced***
  • 4 Tournament Schedule
  • 2-Man Buddy events
  • $800 entry to all four ($400 deposit to hold your spot) 
  • OVER 90% Total Payout
  • Limited to the first 20 teams
  • $100 Big Bass at each event
  • Pay the TOP 5 teams at each event (will 15 or more boats)
  • Team of the year PAYOUTS for the top 2 teams - 1st- $500, 2nd- $300, 3rd- $100
  • 1 sub allowed for each partner (See rules for complete ruling)
  • Tournament organizers/staff may or may not fish the series
  • 14-inch length limit at each tournament
  • 6 Bass Limit at each event  
  • Must stay on same pool we launch from on the Mississippi River
 PRINT WAIVER FORM: sign and send in with your DEPOSIT (make check out to Todd Reed)

Points will be as follows: 
  • 1st place-  20pts
  • 2nd place- 19pts
  • 3rd place-  18pts
  • 20th place- 1pt, etc (Teams with no keepers will record 3 less points than the last finisher)Teams will also receive 1 point for each bass they weigh in legally.
In case of a points tie; 1st Tiebreaker- Total number of keepers in 3 events 2nd Tiebreaker- Total pounds weighed in at 3 events 
Hot Rod Baits- Todd Reed
1714 Otterville Blvd.
Independence, IA 50644
Entire rules are posted on the website HERE
Tournament committee members: 
  • Todd Reed (Director)
  • James Cook
  • Gary Satterlee
  • Trent Beier
Email: or call/text 641-751-5570 with questions

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