King's WIN at Pool 9 and walk away with the 2016 Hot Rod Baits Bass Series Team of the Year

Jeremy and Jon King ended their season with a win and locked down the Team of the Year title.  The father/son team finished 2nd at Little River Lake in April, 4th at Belva Deer Lake in May and won the last event at Pool 9.  The Runner-ups were another family team, as James Cook and Zach Cook finished 4th at Little River, 3rd at Belva Deer and 7th at Pool 9.  The thrid place team in the Team of the Year race was Chris Calkins and Adam Rundall, they won at Little River, finished 7th at Belva Deer, and 4th at Pool 9.  All 3 teams had great seasons and a huge CONGRATULATIONS goes out to them.
All results can be seen HERE

Stick Bait Season

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OPEN Buddy Tournament slated for August

"Summer Sizzler"  
Sunday, August 14th- West Lake Osceola 6:30am-2pm
(use the main ramp next to dam)


    1. Teams will consist of 2 anglers only
    2. Entry fee of $80, MAIL your entry today (cash to be paid the morning of the event)
         ~~~~~Blast-off order determined by order of entry, mail today!~~~~~~
    3. 6 Bass limit per team


    1. The top teams will be paid after the weigh-in including Big Bass
    2. One payout per 4 boats entered
    3. Over 80% payout at each event

  1. Each contestant will conduct himself in a sportsmanlike manner.  Obey all state and federal boating safety laws.  Obey all conservation laws.  Persons guilty of violations may be expelled from future tournaments and possibly disqualified from this event.
  2. Extend courtesy to all people using the tournament waters; including recreational anglers on shore or in a boat.
  3. Passing of another tournament boater is to be done on the center side of the water.  (no passing on landside)
  4. No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs will be consumed in the boats during the tournament hours.
  5. When a person enters the tournament or functions as a boater, he/she is thus stating that they are carrying liability insurance on their craft and all passengers, further protecting the organizers and himself from any liability issues, which may arise.
  6. Life vests are encouraged to be worn at all times, however it is not a tournament regulation, all DNR rules apply.
  1. Fish may be taken by pole and line method, with use of artificial lures only, trolling for fish will not be allowed.
  2. No fishing within 20 yards of another boat
  3. Aerated live-wells are required on all boats. The use of a live well treatment to ease the stress placed on the contained fish during a tournament is a good way to ensure the future of fishing and should be the responsibility of the boater.
  4. Any angler/team that breaks any Hot Rod Baits Bass Series or Iowa DNR rule (ticketed) can be disqualified from the event and all further events.
  5. Nets are allowed to be used
  1. Tournament hours are listed as 9am-3pm for April event and 6:30am-2pm for August event
  2. It will be the responsibility of each contestant to check in with the Tournament Director at least 20 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time. The Tournament Director will keep the official time and will announce it prior to the start of the contest.
  3. Boats will be checked prior to the start of the tournament and marked for all to see.
  4. Boats will be started on an "ooze off" basis by the number chosen when entry fee is paid.
  1. Contestants must be in the official docking area on time.  Late is late, and penalties will occur atone pound per minute late.
  2. Minimum length limit will be 15-inches on lakes, and 14-inches on the river, the length of the fish will be measured with the mouth closed. Any short fish weighed in will be released un-weighed and you will be deducted one pound per short bass.
  3. Weigh in will be conducted by the tournament committee members.  The tournaments will emphasize "DON'T KILL YOUR CATCH".  A penalty of one pound will be deducted for each dead fish weighed in.
  4. Scoring will be determined by pounds. One pound will be deducted for any fish weighed in dead.  Tournament committee members will have official say on measurements.  For any under-sized fish, 1 pound will be deducted from the contestant’s total of other legal fish (you may use the board to measure or courtesy check your fish, just ask).
  5. Largest bass will be weighed first. The contestant will pick his largest fish.  If a tie between places occurs, then the contestant with the largest bass will win the place in question. If a dead heat occurs, monies in question would be split equally between contestants involved. If there should be a tie for Big Bass, the contestant with the highest total weight will win the prize money.
REGISTER TODAY for the BEST boat position: CLICK on the waiver form and mail your entry:
Todd Reed
1714 Otterville Blvd
Independence, IA 50644

First Event of the 2016 Hot Rod Baits Bass Series

Little River Lake was the site for the kickoff to the season.  Anglers found a good bite earlier in the week and on Friday, however the high pressure that showed up Saturday had the keepers in the lake on high guard.  As always, some anglers were able to the put the pieces together and solve the bass puzzle on this day.  
Congratulations to the top 5 teams:
1st- Calkins/Rundall
2nd- King/King
3rd- Gibbs/Shipp
4th- Cook/Cook
5th- Reed/Bowles

Little River Champs: Adam Rundall and Chris Calkins

Results found here: 2016 Tournament Results

Frosty Rods 2016 Results

Cold, Cold, and more cold greeted the anglers today at Rock Creek Lake.  15 boats went against Mother Nature as well as the bass and a few came away with the ultimate prize of a bass.
1stWiegand/Kjormoe17.59 BB
Others: Blough/Stewart, Reed/Maxfield, Markham/Cranston, Rozendaal/Fisher, Calkins/Rundall, Moore/Moore, Harless/Kolass, Cook/Hewitt, Herb/Sorensen  
     1st Place and Big Bass                                             2nd Place