Hot Rod Baits Bass Series Finished up for 2019

The Hot Rod Baits Bass Series finished up on the MIssissippi River on Pool 9 this past weekend.  The three event series featured taems from all around Iowa including anglers from Wisconsin and Nebraska as well.  The first event was held at Lake Sugema in Southeast Iowa.  It took 19.08 pounds to win this event, Keith Donnelly and Randy Toale claimed this honor.  The middle event event went to Central Iowa on Brushy Creek Lake.  This event turned out to be a tough one as the bass were not in the feeding mode.  The team of Cranston and Kauzlarich caught 5 keeper bass to weigh in 12.24# to get their victory.  The last event on Pool 9 of the Mississippi River went to young guns Hiem/Paulsen who weighed in 20.18# of largemough bass to claim the victory and the largest bag of bass ever in a Hot Rod Baits Bass Series event.  
As the series points were added up a familiar name rose to the top, the father-son team of Jon and Jeremy King once again took home the Team of the Year Award.  In the three events they placed 4th, 3rd and 4th for a total of 70 points.  The Runner-up team was keith Kulow and Adam Arnold, they finished 9th, 5th, and 2nd in the events gathering up 65 points.  Coming in 3rd place for the Team of the Year was the father-son team of James and Zach Cook, they finished 2nd, 8th and 10th to accumulate 60 points in the three events.  FULL RESULTS HERE
Thanks to all that competed in the series this year, which paid out over 92% of entry fees!

Jeremy and Jon King: 2019 Team of the Year

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The King Duo are KINGS again

The father and son combo of Jeremy and Jon King are once again the Team of the Year on the Hot Rod Baits Bass Series.  This series consists of three events around the state of Iowa and each team accumulates points according to their tournament performances.  This pair won the Sugema tournament, came in 2nd at Pool 9 and 13th at Osceola.  This earned them just enough points to claim the honors of Team of the Year.  This pair also won the award in 2016.  

Finishing just one point behind them were the team of McKinley Geiger and Jake Olson.  This pair are recent graduates of Iowa State University and were key members in the ISU Bass Fishing club.  This pair collected two big bass prizes in the three events this year, placed 3rd at Sugema, 10th at Pool 9 and 2nd at Osceola to claim Runner-Up Team of the Year honors.  Great seasons were had by both teams and a big CONGRATULATIONS to them!

Jeremy and Jon King

McKinley Geiger and Jake Olson