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4 inch Tubes


Product Information

  • Salt packed and scented 
  • 4 inches of bass catching plastic
  • TOUGH; to catch numerous fish per bait
  • Awesome, fish catching colors
  • Long tails to fool big bass
  • 8 per package

    These TRIPLE-DIPPED tubes are sure to get bass in your boat!  At four inches long, they mimic a crawdad and forage perfectly.  Rigging these Texas style is a sure fire way to catch bass.  With 12 colors, there is one for every lake or river in your area!  Click HERE for short video of how to rig these correctly on a Texas-rig   

***we are currently out of "Yellow Belly", please do not order***


1- Puke   2- Camo Craw   3- Christmas Tree   4-Green Pump

5- Melon/Gold   6- Melon/Craw   7- Dirty Craw

8- Black/Blue    9- GrPump/Blue   10- Black/Red

11- River Minnow   12- Yellow Belly





Product Code: 4inTubes


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