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News - Category 'News'

Baits the way YOU want them

Hot Rod Baits offers Tubes, Big Craws, Sticks, Jig Chunks and Wig's Jigs.  It you need to stock up, please go to the store button on the top of the page and place your order.  If you know exactly what you love and want to order 50 or more of one particular bait, drop us an email and we will get you a bulk price discount.  All our baits are made with anise, salt, garlic and manufactured in the USA.

"The HOTTEST thing you can put on your HOOK"

You can rely on Hot Rod Baits for a quality product made and packaged in the USA, something we are proud of!

Why buy Wig's Jigs??? Watch this video

Here is a quick reminder why Wig's Jigs are a great choice and a fantastic buy at only $3.49!

Tube fishing is heating up

Tubes work well year-round, but this time of year when the bass are transitioning to fall areas they may be at their best!

Hot Rod Guide Services

Hot Rod Baits will help you reach your fishing goals.